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Dear Supporter,

The Government’s decision to refurbish Allianz Stadium rather than build a new stadium on Moore Park has been widely welcomed. A Sydney Morning Herald editorial noted that “Sydneysiders will keep much-needed green space in the Moore Park and Centennial Parklands area – at least for now.”


Where to from here?


The SCG Trust last tried to take over Moore Park in 2010, and failed. It has now tried and failed again. Does anyone seriously think that’s the end of the story?


Our association, Saving Moore Park Inc., was established late in 2015, its primary aim being to ensure Moore Park was preserved for the benefit of the wider community. That remains our aim.


In future our activities will be focused on making it more difficult for the SCG Trust ever again to lay claim to Moore Park, and to prevent other Government agencies chipping away at the Park, a little at a time. As most proposals are shrouded in secrecy, we will be promoting transparency at every opportunity. With the imminent release of the Moore Park Master Plan, we will looking to improve people’s access to the Park, and their ability to enjoy what it has to offer.


Amongst the specific issues we’ll be addressing are the following:


1. The need for a business case which addresses the indirect costs associated with a refurbished Allianz Stadium – its impact on traffic flows, public transport, parking and the local community.


2. Supporting Alex Greenwich’s Bill to make the SCG Trust subject to the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 and the Local Government Act 1993.


3. The impact of light rail on Moore Park, including the impact on Anzac Parade trees and wildlife.


4. The re-placement of the obelisk war memorial in or near the northern end of Anzac Parade.


Protection of Moore Park Trees and Wildlife


We have already initiated action in relation to Point 4. On 26 April, Alex Greenwich wrote a most thought-provoking letter to the Minister for Transport on the Protection of Moore Park Trees and Wildlife. We have taken up some of the issues he identified in a separate letter to the Minister – see here. We have asked the Minister to:

  • respond to a number of specific questions;

  • direct ALTRAC to provide a report on its approach to tree removal and lopping, specifying which trees will be affected, and addressing the concerns raised by two experts; and

  • stop the removal and lopping of all trees in Anzac Parade until the community has had an opportunity to consider that report.


Saving Sydney’s Trees Rally


About 500 people turned up to a May Day rally organized by the group Saving Sydney’s Trees in Moore Park West. It was addressed by long standing supporter of and advocate for Moore Park, Clover Moore, among others. Click here for some photos from the rally. You can visit Saving Sydney’s Trees at their Facebook page and contribute to a crowd funding page.


We still need your support!


Through our website, Facebook page and Twitter, we now have nearly 2,900 supporters. Thank you everyone! This tremendous support in such a short time helped open many doors during our campaign against a new stadium on Moore Park. 


Many people think we no longer need supporters as the battle has been won. This is far from the case. In an open letter to the Premier on 5 April 2016 we noted that:


“In December 2015, the Government announced a major urban renewal project in Waterloo, with 30,000 additional residents to be located near a new railway station. As well, 50,000 more residents will be moving into the Green Square area over the next decade. At 22,000 people per sq. km, it will be almost 50% denser than Pyrmont, which currently has Australia’s greatest population density (15,000). Moore Park is the largest area of green space close to these developments. It is essential that it be preserved in its entirety.”


To preserve Moore Park so it can meet this growing need, we must continue to grow our supporter base.


So whether you have a specific interest in Moore Park or simply believe in the importance of urban green space generally, we ask that - if you haven’t already done so - you register your support on our website like and share our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter.
And please encourage others to do so as well.

Michael Waterhouse
Saving Moore Park
3 May 2016

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