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Dear Supporter,

Anzac Day at the Anzac Parade Obelisk


While it wasn’t possible to conduct what is becoming our traditional Dawn Service for the local community, Saving Moore Park hasn’t forgotten the sacrifice of Australia’s men and women in war. We therefore thought you might enjoy some pictures relating to the Obelisk.


We note that on Anzac Day, several people laid their own flowers at the Obelisk. In the 1930s (1932 and 1938), there was a tradition of people covering the obelisk with flowers. While we don’t envisage a return to this practice, if over the next few days in the course of exercising you are passing the Obelisk, you may wish to lay a few flowers there from your garden, or a small posy, perhaps with a card noting the person whose life and death you wish to commemorate. 


Lest we forget.


Moore Park in COVID-19 times


We are delighted to see the views expressed by the Minister for Planning and Public Spaces observed in an article on 28 March that “We know that people with access to green and public places are healthier and happier than those who don’t. We also know that for many Sydneysiders living without a lush backyard, our city’s parks and green spaces are vital to maintain both physical and mental health.” This is a view we’ve been vigorously promoting since Saving Moore Park was established in 2015.


We therefore particularly welcome the large increase in recent weeks in the number of people from surrounding areas using Moore Park for recreation. On a warm day, wherever we look there are people walking dogs, kicking a ball, running, jogging or just walking, even flying kites!


Please remember, however, that NSW Public Health Orders are very strict not only on social distancing but about purpose: exercise is the only reason people are permitted to be in the Park. Thus if you are exercising both yourselves and your dogs, that’s fine. However, a picnic by the lake or standing chatting while dogs play nearby would appear to be in breach of NSW Public Health Orders - even if 1.5 metres apart. We don’t want to see Moore Park closed in the same way as the beaches have been. 


If you wish to know more about the rules for being outdoors in places such as Moore Park, please see the Government’s guide to using public spaces during COVID-19.


The large number of people using Moore Park in these difficult times underlines why it is so important to the community, and reinforces our determination to continue to fight for the removal of car parking from the Park and for the Government to fund its remediation and its enhancement for the benefit of the community, now and in the future.


Michael Waterhouse


27 April 2020

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