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Views on Moore Park of the candidates for Lord Mayor

With the election for the Lord Mayor of Sydney to be held on 10 September, we asked each of the candidates to submit a short statement outlining their views on the importance of Moore Park for the community. Responses from Linda Scott (Labor), Christine Forster (Liberal), Clover Moore (Independent) and Angela Vithoulkas (Sydney Matters Independent Team) are now on the Advocacy page of our website.

Protection of Moore Park Trees and Wildlife
In April we wrote to the Minister for Transport expressing our concerns about the removal of trees in Anzac Parade. A copy of our letter and the response received from the Parliamentary Secretary for Transport and Roads, Mr John Sidoti MP, are [here].
Light Rail and Moore Park
ALTRAC is known to want to construct an operations control centre and drivers’ facility structure in Moore Park. The CP&MP Trust is opposed to any such stand-alone structures. We also remain very concerned that no permanent structures should be built in Moore Park, other than a minimalist light rail station.
The Minister for Transport issued a press release ‘First look at Moore Park Light Rail Design’ on 9 August, which includes a link to a short video. The scale of the railway station and stairway across Anzac Parade – only a short distance from the Tibby Cotter Walkway – is confronting. Kim Ellis says that design work is continuing, with the Trust determined to protect Moore Park’s open space.
RMS designs on Moore Park
Word has it that RMS is considering the resumption of land for road works on one, two or even three boundaries of Moore Park Golf Course. Its main focus appears to be on the Anzac Parade/Alison Road/Dacey Avenue intersection, where its concern is that what is already a difficult intersection will become even more so once the light rail is operating.
Kim said the Trust is committed to preserving the green space of Moore Park and is pushing very hard to minimize the impact of any changes. At this stage, no decisions have been taken. The Government has taken a battering over the removal of trees on Anzac Parade for the ESLR. Let’s hope it has the common sense to avoid more community outrage by consulting the community and ensuring that the RMS’s ultimate solution doesn’t involve the alienation of more trees and green space.
We encourage you to express your concerns [here] and support the principle that green space is not vacant space. This will strengthen the Trust’s ability to argue against the RMS and anyone else with designs on Moore Park.
SCG Trust Advisory Group
The SCG has initiated the formation of a community and stakeholder advisory group, comprising members, sports partners and representatives of the local residential and business community. The first meeting is expected to be held shortly. The former Australian rugby representative, Phil Waugh, a member of the SCG Trust, will initially chair meetings. Minutes of meetings will be published on the Trust website and any findings or recommendations will be considered as part of the Trust’s decision and policy making process.
In the light of the Stadium issues earlier this year, the SCG Trust’s initiative, and particularly its intention that the Group be “a frank and open” forum, is welcome. Saving Moore Park Inc. has been invited to nominate a representative, and I’ve agreed to be appointed. However, our involvement is conditional on being able to communicate freely with our supporters via our website and/or newsletters at any time we consider appropriate.
1860 Toll House
Alex Greenwich asked the Minister for the Environment when restoration work will begin on the Toll House near the corner of Cleveland Street and Anzac Parade. His response [here] is that restoration work will commence in the current financial year.
Anzac Parade Obelisk
The obelisk that was removed when the Tibby Cotter Walkway was being built was the scene of Sydney’s Anzac Day ceremonies until the construction of the Cenotaph in 1927. We believe it is important that it be relocated close to its original position.
We are therefore very pleased that the Minister has advised, in response to a question from Alex Greenwich that it is likely the obelisk will be installed in a location “east of the busway within the Moore Park area”, ie in the north-east corner of Moore Park East. This will make this historically important monument more easily accessible by the public.
Michael Waterhouse
Saving Moore Park Inc.
16 August 2016

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