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Dear Supporter,

Allianz Stadium and Moore Park


Following extensive media speculation, I recently sought a public assurance from the SCG Trust that any redevelopment of Allianz Stadium will (a) be strictly confined to land under the control of the SCG Trust and (b) will not impact temporarily or permanently on Moore Park or Driver Avenue. The Trust has declined to provide such an assurance. Given past history, this is a cause for concern.


The Premier was reported yesterday to have committed to upgrading or rebuilding Allianz Stadium. Last year Premier Baird unequivocally ruled out construction of a stadium on Moore Park. I have written to the Premier asking her to confirm that this remains the Government’s position. My letter can be seen here.


We now have more than 3,100 supporters. The Government listens to numbers. So we need to build our supporter numbers further if we’re to keep Moore Park safe from the SCG Trust and others who want a bit of the Park. Please encourage your friends to register as supporters on our website or like our Facebook page. It will make a difference.


Brewongle Stand


The SCG Trust is proposing to rebuild the Brewongle Stand. There is a suggestion that this may involve a significant intrusion into Driver Avenue and Moore Park. The Trust Advisory Group of which I’m a member is meeting on Monday 28 August. I hope to be in a position to say more after this.


Funding the Moore Park Master Plan


Earlier this year the Centennial Park & Moore Park Trust produced a thoroughly researched and detailed Master Plan for Moore Park. If the Government is willing to spend $137 million to $800 million funding an upgrade or rebuild of Allianz Stadium because it is “in a strong financial position”, the community’s needs are such that we believe it should announce a sizeable financial contribution towards implementing the Master Plan. I have written to the Premier suggesting this. My letter can be seen here.


Names for Light Rail stops


We need the community’s help with this one! You have until 11 September to do so.


The Geographical Names Board (GNB) is consulting on proposed names for South East Light Rail stops. The stop in Moore Park is to be named, sensibly, ‘Moore Park’, with the one in Alison Road presently intended to be named ‘Royal Randwick’.


The SCG Trust wants the ‘Moore Park’ stop to be named ‘Sydney Cricket Ground’. We believe it should be ‘Moore Park’ and that the Alison Road stop should be ‘Centennial Park’.


The reasons are set out in the note on our website here. Please support us by making a submission – the two options for doing so are in this note. It won’t take long, and if many people do this, it will help achieve a sensible outcome.


Alexandria to Moore Park Connectivity Upgrade


RMS is planning several activities which will impact on Moore Park. These include:


  • Widening South Dowling Street near its intersection with Dacey Ave and Lachlan St.

  • Construction of a shared pedestrian/cycle path on the north and south sides of Dacey Ave, facilitating access from the growth areas west of the golf course to areas east of it

  • Road works to facilitate traffic turning left into Anzac Parade from Dacey Avenue

  • Adding an extra lane to the west side of Anzac Parade for about 200 metres from the corner with Dacey Avenue.


We have particular misgivings about what is proposed in South Dowling Street. You can see these and our comments on the RMS proposals here.


Royal Hall of Industries/Hordern Pavilion


The current lease for these buildings ends in 2019 and the businesses which have operated at these locations require a long lead time with respect to future terms. The Trust will therefore be seeking Expressions of Interest in the next few months, the first stage in appointing a new lessee. The planning controls over these buildings are very specific as to such issues as heritage and types of use, and no changes to these are proposed. The Trust will keep us informed of any material developments.

Michael Waterhouse


Saving Moore Park Inc.

21 August 2017 

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