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Dear Supporter,

Allianz Stadium and Moore Park


By now most people will be aware of the Premier’s announcement regarding Allianz Stadium. This can be viewed here.


While the Premier made no reference to protecting Moore Park, the SCG Trust issued a statement that “The redevelopment will take place entirely on SCG Trust land which will avoid any concerns about impacting parklands or loss of significant trees.”


We issued a press release in which we welcomed this commitment. This can be seen here.


However, we are disappointed that the Government was unwilling to make a significant contribution towards upgrading the surrounding parklands. An investment of $10 million – a mere 1.4% of the proposed expenditure on the new stadium – would enable Moore Park to be significantly upgraded after decades of chronic under-funding.


The SCG Trust has issued a document “Allianz Stadium Redevelopment – Community Q&A”. It’s an attachment to the SCG’s media release which can be viewed on the SCG website here.

[We are providing the link to this document for information purposes only. It should not be inferred that we necessarily endorse any of the statements it contains.] Key statements include the following:


The new stadium will be built entirely on SCG Trust designated lands and will not encroach on the parklands, Driver Avenue or Fox Studios. The ….. ultimate master plan goal is to open up the SCG precinct by removing the ‘black gates’ and improving pedestrian access between Paddington, Moore Park, EQ, Surry Hills and beyond. The new stadium will be built and contained entirely on SCG Trust lands. Similarly, the site compound and new stadium will not have an impact on Moore Park East or Kippax Lake and the historic fig trees.


The SCG Trust will run a thorough and open consultation process which will provide you (with the) opportunity to have your say on the new development. 


The SCG Trust is supportive of phasing out the practice of on-grass parking in Moore Park East as long as viable alternative options are available 


These are all encouraging statements.


Nevertheless, as mentioned in our last Newsletter, we are concerned that the SCG Trust can effectively build whatever they like on their own land as they are not required to lodge a DA or prepare an Environmental Impact Statement. Contrast this with the requirements the Art Gallery of NSW is required to meet in relation to the proposed Sydney Modern Extension.


We are represented on the SCG Trust Advisory Group, and we will be focused on ensuring that the Trust holds to its commitments. We will keep our supporters informed of developments.



Michael Waterhouse


Saving Moore Park Inc.

29 November 2017

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