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Event Car Parking Management Plan 

Condition D50. The Applicant must prepare an Event Car Parking Management Plan (ECPMP) for the operation of the stadium. The objective of the ECPMP is to ensure that a car parking plan is prepared to cater for the event days at the stadium on the basis of the progressive phasing out of the on-grass parking on Moore Park East, consistent with the Moore Park Masterplan 2040. The plan must: 


(a) be prepared in consultation with the Sydney Coordination Office and Transport Management Centre within TfNSW, City of Sydney Council, SCSGT, CCC and Centennial Park and Moore Park Trust; 


(b)  be submitted to the Planning Secretary for approval, at least 3 months prior to the commencement of operation of the stadium; 


(c)  consider the likely timelines of the progressive removal of on-grass car parking on Moore Park East, based on consultation with Centennial Park and Moore Park Trust; 


(d)  consider alternative strategies to provide car parking for the stadium patrons on event days including, but not limited to:

(i) the targets in the Green Travel Plan (GTP) that would reduce the overall parking demand in the precinct on event days; 

(ii)  redistribution of the existing car parking on Moore Park East in the satellite parking areas, consistent with the Moore Park Masterplan 2040, and identification of these areas such as: 

-  Randwick Racecourse; 

-  E.S. Marks Athletics Field;

-  Moore Park Golf Course; 

-  Entertainment Quarter; and 

-  any other nearby areas that do not adjoin the site; 

(e)  consider the feasibility to implement the relocation of the car parking in the satellite or other alternate parking locations including, but not limited to: 

(i)  cost implications (such a comparison of the parking rates at these area and Moore Park East); 

(ii)  required public authority or other authority approvals; 

(iii)  commuting distance and times for the patrons, between the satellite parking areas and the stadium; and 

(iv)  walking routes, public transport and rideshare facilities between the site and the stadium;


(f)  consider alternate / additional measures that can be provided to assist the stadium patrons to commute between the satellite parking / alternate parking locations and the stadium including, but not limited to: 

(i)  any other special bus services on event days; 

(ii)  temporary wayfinding signage; 

(iii)  information on the relevant website; and 

(iv)  provision of digital message boards to provide guidance to the patrons. 

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