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Saving Moore Park Inc. - Fact sheet


Exemption of SCG Trust from controls


Under its Act, any development on land controlled by the SCG Trust is exempt from the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 (NSW) and the Local Government Act 1993 (NSW).


There is no formal opportunity for the City of Sydney Council or the community to express views about any developments on SCG-controlled land, much less object to them.


Nor is any development subject to review by the Planning Assessment Commission.



Who we are


Saving Moore Park Inc. is an incorporated association established by a group of residents living close to Moore Park, who enjoy the amenity it offers and believe it should be preserved for the whole community.


While we talk to everyone who can help us, we are a genuinely independent community group, unaffiliated with any political or activist group or individuals.



What do we want?


To preserve Moore Park for future generations.


To ensure no stadia or any other permanent or temporary infrastructure is built in Moore Park.


To ensure a robust business case is developed for both the Allianz Stadium redevelopment and the proposed ARU and UTS development on the SCG Members’ car park.


To ensure transparency in all Government decisions affecting Moore Park.


(For more details, see Detailed Objectives)

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