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Saving Moore Park from the SCG Trust

Media Release, 7 February 2016


Saving Moore Park from the SCG Trust


Yesterday’s SMH article, “Secret SCG Land Grab”, by Jacob Saulwick, raises huge concerns about the future of green space in the increasingly densely populated city of Sydney.


The battle lines are being drawn between those who see green space as an opportunity for new facilities – whether stadiums, car parks, walkways or light rail – and those who believe green space is crucial for the health and welfare of our community.


The SCG Trust’s grab for a large slice of Moore Park was rejected after a strong community backlash in 2010. Now it’s trying again.


If the SCG Trust gets control of Moore Park, there’ll be nothing to stop it doing whatever it wants there. It is effectively accountable to no-one. There is no requirement for it to be transparent. It is exempt from all environmental planning controls. There is no provision for appeal against any decisions it takes.


The SCG Trust’s grab for Moore Park can’t be looked at in isolation. Of the 153 hectares originally set aside by Governor Macquarie, a quarter has disappeared over the years, a little bit at a time.


The land on which the Supa Centa was built was originally part of Moore Park. The Eastern Distributor took a slice of it, the Tibby Cotter Walkway took another, the light rail is taking more. And now the SCG wants a large slice for itself.


Over the next decade, the population of the Alexandria, Waterloo, Green Square area is projected to increase by nearly 100,000. The need for green space – already great - will become even more critical.


The SCG Trust must be stopped!


People who share our concern should register their support on our website and like our Facebook page. Only if there’s a strong community reaction will the Government listen and stop the SCG Trust from taking over Moore Park.




Michael Waterhouse,

Convenor, Saving Moore Park.

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