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Saving Moore Park Inc.

Some notes and later reflections on a meeting with Suellen Fitzgerald, Chief Executive Greater Sydney Parklands and Joanna Saville, Director Community, Engagement and Partnerships 29 June 2021

1. Car parking on the grass in Moore Park

  • Moore Park North (aka Upper Kippax) is not being used on match days when attendance numbers are expected to be fewer than 25,000. When expected numbers do not exceed 10,000 Moore Park South (opposite the RHI) is also not being used.

  • Sydney Roosters are bussing in patrons from Bondi Junction, reducing parking demand and showing the other codes what can be done with a little effort.

  • No decision as yet on the permanent removal of car parking but this remains GSP’s goal. We continue to press for this in keeping with the views of the overwhelming majority of respondents to our surveys.

2. Revitalisation of Moore Park North


  • There is funding earmarked for the revitalisation of Moore Park North but only when car parking ceases.

  • There will be community consultation on how best to achieve this having regard for the results of our survey in late 2020 and the Moore Park Master Plan.

3. Use of the name “Moore Park” and more activities to encourage community use

  • We are pushing to lift the profile of Moore Park as a destination by greater use of the name throughout the park rather than “Centennial Parklands” eg as it is signposted in Flinders Street.

  • At our suggestion, consideration will be given to providing more activities in Moore Park, including in school holidays, to encourage greater community use, particularly having regard for the growing population west of the Park.

4. Moore Park Golf Course


  • Minister Stokes is on record as saying that it will remain an 18 hole course but consideration should be given to achieving a better balance between the recreation needs of both local residents and golfers. This is happening.

  • We’ve advocated that a high priority should be given to a better cycle path in Dacey Avenue, and this is being considered.

5. Tree plantings


  • There was a formula for tree plantings required to compensate for those removed in connection with the light rail. Not all were to be in Moore Park but we’ve been pressing for information on what has been planted and where. 

  • In particular, we’ve pressed for trees to be planted to fill the large gap on the western side of the Robertson Road fields.


  • As part of the State Government’s Greening our City Program, 1,130 trees will be planted in Centennial Parklands by 30 June 2022. Twenty of these are to be planted the first quarter of 2022 in the precinct bordered by Robertson Road and Anzac Parade.

  • Others to be planted include 10 at Mt Steele, 20 bordering Tramway Oval, five mature trees on Anzac Parade and 10 in the Moore Park golf course precinct.


6. Park Maintenance

  • Maintenance hasn’t been of the same standard over the past year. Branches, old palm fronds and rubbish remain in Kippax Lake for months on end. Where ride-on lawn mowers can’t reach grass under trees, it has just been left to grow. In MP West, the Park’s own vehicles have damaged water-logged areas next to paths, with no apparent effort to remediate the areas concerned. We have highlighted such issues with GSP.

  • We’ve advised Centennial Parklands that vehicles have damaged the grass in several places next to the path on the eastern side of Moore Park West, where it is poorly drained and soggy. They will remind staff and contractors to exercise care and will evaluate the need to remediate the turf in these areas. 

  • Rangers are available 24 hours a day on 0412 718 611 to provide emergency assistance.  For any Moore Park maintenance issues please call 9339 6699 during business hours or email

7. Locked gates on Tramway Oval (aka the Swans Training Field)

  • There are three gates to this Oval. We’ve been concerned for a long time that those at the northern and southern end of the ground are kept permanently locked, which not only discourages community access but adds considerably to the distance people from West Paddington have to walk if they want to use the light rail.

  • We’ve met with Suellen on site and are confident that community access will be improved, subject to public consultation.


8. Bat and Ball Field – new facilities proposed

  • The Moore Park Tigers Junior Australian Football Club will receive a $1 million facilities grant as part of the NSW Government’s Greater Cities and Regional Sport Facility Fund.

  • We are endeavouring to find out what this will involve. We assume the normal public consultation processes will apply.


9. Amenities block in Moore Park North – hours of opening

  • The new amenities block is currently open 7 days a week from 7.30am on weekdays and 6.30am on weekends and closes before dusk unless there is a scheduled event at the SCG; then the amenities block will stay open later.

10. Strategic asset renewal and upgrades

  • The release of $9 million in COVID recovery economic stimulus funding to GSP for Centennial Parklands in 2021 enabled a number of fast-tracked projects to be delivered for asset renewal and upgrades as well as visitor experience and enhancement.

  • We’re endeavouring to establish the extent to which Moore Park benefitted from these projects. 


11. Toll House – restored but not in use


  • GSP is considering how the Toll House can best be used. We’ve suggested a small museum about the Park, even as a temporary feature, as it would attract people. If you have ideas, let us know and we’ll pass them on.


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