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Dear Supporter,


Saving Moore Park held its 5th Annual General meeting on Sunday 25th October. I thought you might be interested in my Annual Report on the year just past and a glimpse of our focus in the coming year. You can see this here.


We have recently developed our vision for Moore Park East – some of the idea we have for revitalising the part of the Park. You can see this here (open in landscape format if needed, to see legend on right side). This is closely aligned with the Moore Park Master Plan, but in some respects goes further. It’s our intention that the Park should have features that encourage the community to want to visit and spend time there, with some features which will encourage social interaction between people who might not otherwise talk to each other.


Another way of considering our Vision is that it shows what the community is missing out on so long as on-grass event car parking continues and until the Government makes a long overdue commitment to implementing the Moore Park Master Plan. 


Together with two members of our Committee, I met with Minister Stokes recently and we are cautiously optimistic that there will be progress towards achieving these ends before too long.


One thing is certain: nothing meaningful will happen until car parking ceases on the northern section of Moore Park East.


We will shortly be conducting a short survey of our supporters and anyone else who’s interested so that we understand the community’s priorities. We will be sending this to you and hope you will take a moment to respond when you receive it as we would very much value your input.


We will convey the results of this survey to the Minister, to whom we have shown our vision, as well as the Board and Chief Executive of Greater Sydney Parklands.


With kind regards


Michael Waterhouse



10 November 2020

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