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Dear Supporter,

SMP Survey


More than 400 people responded to our Survey – a brilliant response in terms of numbers and quality of comments and suggestions. Thank you so much! We’re still digesting these and will provide details and our responses shortly. 


However, one thing we should mention here. Some people said they don’t receive our newsletters. If you know anyone who doesn’t receive them but would like to, please ask them to register as supporters at Costs nothing and then they’ll automatically receive every newsletter.


SFS Community Consultative Committee


Two members of the Saving Moore Park committee have been appointed to the SFS Community Consultative Committee. Given the disinterest of INSW in the wider impacts of the redevelopment, it’s important that the impacts on Moore Park and those who use it are fully recognised at all times. We’ll be closely scrutinising everything that’s presented to us, and asking for everything we believe shouldbe presented to us. 


A list of those appointed can be seen here. Two points to note: the CCC is an advisory committee, with seven community representatives - not a decision-making body, and its focus is on the impact on the community of the Stadium redevelopment - not whether it should be redeveloped. The current Court case and next month’s election will determine the latter. 


The Minutes of the first meeting on 7 February can be seen here. At the end are three attachments we provided:


  • A list of assurances we’re seeking on the location of the concrete crusher, noise and dust: air quality and water runoff.

  • Some questions on various issues on which we’d like answers.

  • Comments provided in response to the SMP survey underlining the importance the community attaches to Moore Park. 


Also provided is a Project Overview by INSW with a demolition timeline and some preliminary information on concrete crushing.


Several points emerging from the meeting (please note we do not speak on behalf of the CCC or any of its other members; all views expressed are our own):


  • Subject to the Court case, demolition of the stadium roof will start late February and of the concrete stands a couple of months later.

  • The location of the concrete crusher and 90,000 tonne stockpile of concrete aggregate are key initial issues. A short paper we provided explores the issues and seeks a number of important assurances from INSW.

  • Noise and dust environmental concerns associated with the crusher (even though it will be fully enclosed) and the massive stockpile, and the practicality of locating the latter on the carpark, appear to be causing a rethink by INSW. It’s possible that all concrete crushing will be done offsite. Upside: less noise and dust pollution affecting Park users and wildlife, and residences. Downside: many more trucks on the roads. 

  • We’ve been assured that the CCC will be consulted on the concrete crusher before a decision is taken. It doesn’t have to be in place until May. It’s then expected to operate for four months - though of course the stockpile will be there for a lot longer.

  • More generally, we’re insisting that the redevelopment process be transparent, with proposals being brought to the CCC ahead of decisions so that we can make meaningful input and keep you, our supporters, informed.  

  • Believe it or not, NO dilapidation reports have been done on buildings outside the site boundaries. Not on any residences or even Victoria Barracks. INSW/Lendlease have been asked to review and reconsider this significant oversight.

  • This failure to do dilapidation reports on nearby residences is consistent with INSW’s approach throughout the EIS process - to ignore or treat as trivial impacts outside the site boundaries, least of all the impacts on users of Moore Park and the wildlife around Kippax Lake. We intend broadening their outlook.


The community can express views in three ways: 


If you wish to provide us with comments for use at the CCC, the next meeting is on Wednesday 6 March. Please let us have your comments a couple of days before this, if possible. However, depending on the number of comments we receive, we may not be able to get back to everyone individually. If you wish to obtain a formal response from the CCC, we suggest you contact the CCC Chair directly.



Michael Waterhouse


22 February 2019

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