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Dear Supporter,

The Future of Moore Park: Community Survey + Anzac Day 

Survey of community views about our vision for Moore Park

While the issue of car parking in connection with events at the SCG remains unresolved, there are signs of movement. For games that are likely to attract fewer than 10,000 people, such as the Waratahs game this weekend, on-grass car parking is no longer available. 

We understand that the issue of ceasing on-grass car parking on Moore Park, particularly the northern section close to Moore Park Road, is under active consideration within the Government. Continuing this practice is clearly incompatible with the Government’s growing enthusiasm for green space, and what happens on the car parking issue will be a major test of its commitment.

In November/December 2020, we sought the community’s views on our vision for Moore Park once car parking ceases. We are delighted with the responses we received from 372 people. We have now issued a media release detailing key features of these responses. If you would like to see a summarised breakdown of responses to each question, you can do so here. The strength of community feeling on many of the issues is reflected in the fact that we received 695 detailed comments. You can see these here.

We would like to thank everyone who responded for their enthusiastic and helpful responses. We’ve presented the results to the Chairman and Chief Executive of Greater Sydney Parklands and to the office of the Minister for Planning and Public Spaces, Rob Stokes – in each case receiving very positive feedback. 

Anzac Day Dawn Service, Memorial Notice Boards and free home made poppies
We will again be conducting our annual Dawn Service at the Obelisk in Moore Park North on Anzac Day. Details can be seen here. The service is short, about three quarters of an hour, concluding just as the sun rises. After last year’s hiatus we hope to see as many people attend as possible. Please bring your children, whatever their age. (A COVID-19 Safety Plan will be in place and attendees will be asked to provide their contact details.)
The ADF continues to support these services at what is one of the oldest WW1 memorials in the country, one which was the focal point of many of Sydney’s Anzac Day activities between the two World Wars. The ADF is providing a senior officer to address this year’s service and a bugler. We greatly appreciate their support and that of Greater Sydney Parklands.
About ten days before Anzac Day memorial notice boards will be set up close to the Obelisk. The community will be invited to post notices on these commemorating the service and lives of family members who have served in one of the conflicts in which Australians have participated. They may do so in the days leading up to Anzac Day or in the days following. We will make hand-crafted felt poppies available at the Dawn Service so that anyone attending can attach these, together with their notices, before or after the service. 
Anzac Field
Recent research has revealed just how extensively Moore Park has been used as a centre for military training, extending from at least the 1870s through to World War 2. To take one example, in May 1916 a series of trenches copying some of the Anzac trenches at Gallipoli were constructed in Moore Park North by the Engineers' Officers' Training School, while musketry training was provided near Kippax Lake. 
The area close to Moore Park Road is variously called Moore Park North, Upper Kippax field and the meaningless EP2. We have recently documented many of the military associations with the Park in a detailed submission to the Government and have proposed that Moore Park North be permanently renamed Anzac Field. We look forward to reporting on the Government’s response in due course.
Michael Waterhouse
3 April 2021

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