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Dear Supporter,

Saving Moore Park Inc. –

Report to 3rd AGM & Review of Activities 2017-2018

Saving Moore Park’s third year has been a busy one. 


Obviously, our focus has been dominated by the SFS redevelopment proposal, for which there’s clearly an insufficient business case to justify the expenditure of $729 million. While we don’t support it, we shouldn’t lose sight of what our role really is: to ensure Moore Park is preserved for the enjoyment of generations to come. For us, the importance of the stadium redevelopment lies primarily in its impact on Moore Park.


It’s disappointing that, although the Government is prepared to spend a massive amount on a new stadium, it’s been unwilling to commit any funds towards implementing the Master Plan for the wonderful parklands adjoining the SCG and SFS. A mere 2% of the amount to be spent on the new SFS would bring life to Moore Park which, as the poor relation of Centennial Park for so long, has become tired and worn out.


There are signs that Infrastructure NSW will address the issue of how the stadium can best be integrated with Moore Park – though no funds appear to have currently been allocated for this. But this says nothing about how to drag Moore Park up from its present dispirited state and make it an attractive destination in its own right.


We expect the issue of funding for the Moore Park Master Plan will dominate our efforts in the coming year. We see three main priorities which will require the expenditure of substantial funds:


  1. The removal of parking from Moore Park East and the remediation of the two areas concerned. In particular, we wish to see the area close to Moore Park Road transformed into a village green, one surrounded by trees, with a children’s playground and barbecues nearby, and a place where community and school sporting events draw visitors from the local community.

  2. The removal of most of the many fences which inhibit the movement of people through the park – whether moving north-south or east-west. Improved access is vital if the Park is to be restored as an attractive place to visit.

  3. The restoration of Kippax Lake and its surrounds. The installation of a modern and effective filtration system to purify the water flowing into the lake from surrounding streets is long overdue, while barbecues and improved seating will do much to enhance Kippax Lake as a place of passive recreation for the community.

I don’t wish to dwell in my remarks on our activities over the past year. However, as these may be of interest to many of our members and supporters I’m attaching a short review. 


How the year ahead unfolds for Saving Moore Park will depend very much on whether there’s a change of Government in March 2019. Our crystal ball is particularly cloudy on this, but we expect the following issues will loom large:


  • Concerted on-going efforts to secure funding for the Moore Park Master Plan

  • The Stage 2 EIS for the SFS redevelopment

  • Monitoring the redevelopment to ensure that Moore Park is protected against incursions and adverse impacts during demolition and construction

  • RMS proposals to widen South Dowling Street, with some loss of parkland

  • The Entertainment Quarter – (a) its redevelopment and (b) proposals by the SCG Trust for the construction of a demountable building and a makeover of Byron Kennedy hall and an adjacent building

  • Construction by the SCG Trust of a major new building for members and offices on SCG land but under their own Act and so without a DA or EIS


I’d like to express my appreciation to our members and 3,200 supporters for their ongoing support. Without your support we are nothing. With your support, all things are possible.


Finally, I’d like to thank the Saving Moore Park Committee for their efforts and support over the past year. We’ve faced many challenges in trying to secure outcomes that will benefit the community, and will doubtless continue to do so. Together we can and will make a difference.



Michael Waterhouse

14 October 2018



Saving Moore Park Inc. - Review of Activities 2017-2018


  1. Open letter to the NSW Premier on the ‘white elephant’ planned for Moore Park (November 2017)

  2. Meetings with Policy Director in Premier’s Office (December 2017 and April 2018)

  3. SCG Trust Advisory Group meeting (February 2018)

  4. Letters to Policy Director in Premier’s Office on (a) Funding for Moore Park and (b) SFS redevelopment (March 2018)

  5. Letters (2) to SCG Trust regarding disclosure to and openness with the community on SFS redevelopment matters (March 2018)

  6. Meeting with Fiona Morrison, Commissioner for Open Space and Parklands (April 2018)

  7. Organised the Anzac Day Dawn Service at the Anzac Parade Obelisk in Moore Park, attended by more than 130 people (April 2018)

  8. Submission to Inquiry into the Sydney Stadiums Strategy by the Public Works Committee of the NSW Legislative Council (May 2018)

  9. Appearance before the PWC Inquiry (June 2018) – Opening Statement

  10. Submission on Environmental Impact Statement for Stage 1 of SFS redevelopment (July 2018)

  11. Meeting with Department of Planning & the Environment on the EIS (August 2018) – Notes

  12. Meetings with CP&MP Trust on issues associated with implementation of Moore Park Master Plan (May, August, September 2018)

  13. Submission on DA for proposed SCG Trust demountable building in the Entertainment Quarter (September 2018)

  14. Submission on DA for proposed SCG Trust fit out of Byron Kennedy Hall and adjacent building in the Entertainment Quarter (September 2018)

  15. Submission on DA for CP&MP Trust for renewal of use of Moore Park for various events (September 2018)

  16. Also meetings with CEO, SCG Trust, Infrastructure NSW representatives, Kerryn Phelps (on site), Christine Forster (on site), Lynda Voltz (Shadow Minister for Sport)

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