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Saving Moore Park Inc. now has more than 3,000 supporters across our website, Facebook page and Twitter. Developments to the west of Moore Park are expected to result in 60-100,000 residents over the next decade, making the need for accessible parkland a critical priority. The draft Moore Park Master Plan has just been released and suggests various projects of benefit to those and others who use Moore Park.
Against this background, we thought that many of those who support us would like to know the views of each of the candidates for Lord Mayor of the City of Sydney at the election on 10 September. We therefore invited each of the candidates for Lord Mayor to submit a short statement outlining their views on the importance of Moore Park for the community. We received responses from Linda Scott (Labor), Christine Forster (Liberal), Clover Moore (Independent) and Angela Vithoulkas (Sydney Matters Independent Team). Christine Forster's response is below:



I live in Bourke Street, a stone’s throw from Moore Park, and use it almost daily as a jogger and dog walker. As such, I’m very conscious of the importance of the park to the growing numbers of nearby residents, many of whom have little or no access to green open space in and around their own homes. I am also aware of the large numbers of local sports associations which use the park’s playing fields for organised competitions, providing valuable recreation for large numbers of people.


I strongly believe the park and public access to it must be preserved, protected and improved.


I am particularly in favour of the proposals, under the Draft Moore Park Master Plan, to add more than 10 km of cycleways and pedestrian paths to the park, and to improve its connections with surrounding residential areas. The thoughtfully and expertly planned planting of 250 new trees will also go a long way to increasing the park’s beauty and amenity.

In my view, the replacement of on-grass event parking with dispersed parking at the Entertainment Quarter or at new underground facilities is an absolutely essential step for the future. The cessation of event parking and proposed upgrading of facilities and playgrounds around Kippax Lake will ensure this invaluable asset enjoys maximum use by the public.

I am supportive of plans for the reactivation of the Entertainment Quarter, most likely based on the securing of a suitable new anchor tenant, which would encourage more people into the area and provide additional revenue to support future works in the park.


In my one-on-one discussions with the new Botanic Gardens & Centennial Parklands Trust, I’ve also been encouraged by the holistic, constructive and consultative approach being adopted to chart the park’s long-term future, and I look forward to working with the trust to deliver on the Moore Park Master Plan in coming years.

9 August 2016

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