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Saving Moore Park Inc.


Media Release, 25 November 2017

Allianz Stadium


Commenting on the Government’s decision to rebuild Allianz Stadium, the President of Saving Moore Park Inc., Michael Waterhouse, expressed surprise that the Government is prepared to make a massive investment without a business case.


Mr Waterhouse noted that, in answering a parliamentary question on 25 October, Stuart Ayres admitted that ‘a strategic business case for the stadium upgrade has yet to be completed’ (PQ6652). And yet, a month later the Government is committing $705 million. “Would the Government make such a large investment in a new hospital or school without a detailed business case?”


Mr Waterhouse welcomed the statement released by the SCG Trust that “The redevelopment will take place entirely on SCG Trust land which will avoid any concerns about impacting parklands or loss of significant trees.”


This is win for the community. We look forward to confirming with the Trust that its commitment means there will be no temporary impacts. We cannot afford to have Moore Park trashed, even temporarily, as has happened with the light rail.


However, Mr Waterhouse expressed disappointment that the Government has apparently been unwilling to make a significant contribution towards upgrading the surrounding parklands. “An investment of $10 million – a mere 1.4% of the proposed expenditure on the new stadium – would enable Moore Park to be significantly upgraded after decades of chronic under-funding.”


 “Moore Park is of vital importance to the community, and particularly those people living in the rapidly growing area west of the park. Over the next decade this will become the most densely populated area in Australia. People living there will need ample green space for recreation – the reason the Park was established in 1866.”


“The Greater Sydney Region Plan emphasises the particular importance of open space in higher density areas. We therefore call on the Government to reconsider its decision and make a sizeable financial contribution towards the Moore Park Master Plan.”



Michael Waterhouse

Saving Moore Park Inc.

9331 1202       0414 439 797

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