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Our Approach

Moore Park celebrated its 150th year in 2016. While the parkland area has been reduced by 25 percent over the years, it nevertheless comprises 28 per cent of total parkland within the City of Sydney. Our single, and simple, objective is embedded in our name: Saving Moore Park for future generations.


We look to achieve this by


  1. Working to preserve the existing area of Moore Park. It is unacceptable that any part of the Park should be hived off for purposes other than public recreation.

  2. Promoting policies and activities that enhance the value of green space to the community.

  3. Promoting transparency among Government Ministers, departments and agencies where proposals and activities potentially affect the integrity of Moore Park.

  4. Promoting policies and activities that will enhance community access to Moore Park and encourage the community to use it, including the improvement of existing public facilities and the creation of new public facilities.

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