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Why is transparency essential?

The Government professes that it “aims to foster responsible and representative government that is open, accountable, fair and effective”. It needs to demonstrate all of these laudable objectives in respect of any projects impacting on Moore Park.


Taxpayers expect the Government to spend their taxes to meet clearly defined community needs and to do so efficiently. The $38 million Tibby Cotter Walkway across Anzac Parade that was hastily constructed early in 2015, and has since been little used, is a good example of how Government money can be wasted when a major development is undertaken without a proper business case and rushed through without real community consultation.


Any Government agencies proposing activities which potentially impact, directly or indirectly, Moore Park should therefore prepare proper business cases and have these subject to public consideration and review.

The largely unused Tibby Cotter Walkway on a match day - Where is everyone?


(Taken at 4pm, 20.12.2015, before the 4.20pm Sydney Sixers game, with a crowd attendance of 20,072)

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