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Why should you care?

Moore Park has existed as public recreation space for 150 years.  The threats will change in future but they won’t go away. It is only by caring for what we have and what we want to preserve that we will save Moore Park for future generations.

We hope you will care for Moore Park for any, and all, of the following reasons:


  1. Green space is not vacant space, to be filled with infrastructure. It is critical to the health and welfare of the community and is irreplaceable.

  2. With growing population pressures in suburbs adjoining the Park, the need for active and passive recreation space can only intensify.

  3. Agencies such as Roads & Maritime Services and those involved with the construction and operation of the light rail will always ‘want more’. The Park’s existing boundaries must be preserved.

  4. We need to protect what beautiful old trees remain along Anzac Parade and elsewhere in the park, and the wildlife they harbour.

  5. Moore Park is listed on the State Heritage Register, as a place of particular importance to the people of NSW, enriching our understanding of our history and identity.

  6. Moore Park has long been the poor cousin of Centennial Park. The Centennial Park & Moore Park Trust needs to create facilities and an environment which accords with the Park’s importance, and encourages community use.

  7. Community access to all parts of the Park must be strengthened where there are barriers to free movement.

  8. While the SCG Trust is now endeavouring to forge links with the community, the fact remains that any development it undertakes is not subject to the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act or the Local Government Act. We do not support these exemptions.

  9. The construction of large buildings on and adjoining the Park brings with it greater traffic flows and parking problems which, in turn, impact on how people can access and use the Park.

  10. Car parking on Moore Park East should be replaced with distributed car parking facilities.

Isn't this how it should be?

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