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Saving Moore Park - Newsletter #37

22 April 2024


Update on future of SMP - Our final newsletter?


Since our last Newsletter in late February, Michael Waterhouse and I have made considerable efforts to reconstitute our Committee and set up Saving Moore Park for a fresh and invigorated future.


Three people have put up their hands to come onto the Committee, and we very much appreciate their willingness to do so. But sadly, no-one has offered to become President.


As things stand, we need at least two more people to come onto the Committee, one of whom will need to be President. We’ve found that a Committee of seven people works very well, and so there’s room for more.


The President’s role is one which does require a commitment of time and effort when there are issues which need to be addressed, but when things are quiet is not especially onerous. We’ve found that most issues can be handled with the Committee by email and perhaps six or so one hour meetings a year.


If you (or someone you know) are interested in discussing the possibility of taking on the role, please contact either Michael or myself at



We will also be at the Anzac Day Dawn Service if you’d like to make contact with us then.


If we are unsuccessful in attracting the two more people we need, then we will take steps next month to wind up Saving Moore Park.


You have given us your support over several years and have seen what we’ve done and what we’ve achieved, so I’ve no doubt that you will share our view that this will be a significant loss for the community. Over several years we’ve built up a considerable and effective infrastructure and credibility with all interested parties. This will be lost.


But in the end, it’s for you – those who value preserving Moore Park for the benefit of this and future generations - to decide.


Moore Park Golf Course


You may be interested in a submission to Greater Sydney Parklands we made recently on this issue. This raises some issue which people really should think about. You can see it here.


Anzac Day Dawn Service


A reminder that the usual Dawn Service will be held again next Thursday. I hope to see as many of you there as possible.


Vivienne Skinner


Saving Moore Park

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