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What and where
is Moore Park?

Moore Park is on land that once belonged to the Gadigal clan of the Eora Nation.


23 years after European settlement, in 1811, Governor Macquarie set aside the land as part of the ‘Second Sydney Common’, and in 1866, 153 hectares (378 acres) of the northwest section of the Common was set aside for public recreation and named Moore Park after the Lord Mayor of Sydney, Charles Moore.


Over the years, a quarter of Moore Park has been lost, other non-parkland uses reducing it in size to

115 hectares. What remains comprises 28 per cent of total parkland within the City of Sydney and about one third of existing outdoor sports fields and courts. [Source: Clover Moore’s election statement]

Fortunately much of the park's beauty remains intact and extensively used by the community: the cooling tree lined boulevards, the challenging Moore Park Golf Course, the playing fields used by amateur and professional sportsmen and women and peaceful Kippax Lake - an important wildlife habitat, a place for picnics and contemplation. Moore Park has it all.

Moore Park Precincts
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