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Saving Moore Park Inc.


Moore Park – What the community wants


A survey completed by almost 400 Sydney residents has provided fascinating insights into how people would like to use Moore Park for recreational purposes.


In late 2020 Saving Moore Park produced a Vision for Moore Park and then conducted a survey to test how this lined up with the community’s priorities. Given that it was conducted in the run up to Christmas, we are very pleased with the number of responses received.

‘Our vision – and the community’s response to it - shows how the community will benefit if the Government delivers on its professed enthusiasm for green space and permanently removes event car parking from the northern section of Moore Park,’ says President of Saving Moore Park, Michael Waterhouse.

‘There has been little investment in Moore Park for decades and the 2016 Masterplan, to which thousands of people contributed, remains largely unfunded. 

‘With the removal of car parking and an investment in remediating and revitalising the area, Moore Park could become one of the leading public parks of Sydney instead of a degraded backwater. 

Of the 372 people responding to the survey, almost half use Moore Park either daily or several times per week, with three-quarters using it up to several times per month.  


A total of 95 per cent of them believe cars should be permanently removed from the park.


Eighty-three per cent said they’d use the park more if there were shaded picnic and BBQ facilities, 76 per cent backed the idea of displays of Spring flowers near Kippax Lake and 61 per cent wanted Aboriginal and landscape interpretation.


A Village Green with a quality junior and community sports field, cricket practice nets adjacent to this field and a new children’s playground also received strong support.


When asked to prioritise elements in the 2016 Moore Park Masterplan, respondents strongly supported enhanced landscaping throughout the park, better pedestrian and cycle connections and removal of fences wherever possible to facilitate movement.


The strong interest stimulated by the survey was underlined by the fact that respondents also provided 695 free-form comments and suggestions


‘What our survey highlights is that people in the rapidly growing suburbs around Moore Park need, but are currently being denied, a first-class, properly maintained parkland, a place to relax with the kids, kick a ball, and play community football and cricket,’ says Mr Waterhouse.

Information: Michael Waterhouse 0414 439 797


3 April 2021


Since its establishment in 2015 Saving Moore Park has become a powerful voice for the protection of Moore Park. Through our website, extensive email network, Twitter and Instagram accounts, we now have 4,000+ followers.

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