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Saving Moore Park Inc.                      


10 October 2023

Saving Moore Park is extremely disappointed with the NSW Government’s decision to extend the timetable for the removal of cars from Moore Park.

The packed stadiums during the FIFA World Cup when the public was not able to park on the grasslands, shows how capable patrons are in finding transport alternatives.  The light rail network with a dedicated Moore Park station, hundreds of available spots at nearby at Randwick Racecourse and at EQ, Sydney Boys and Girls high schools, provide ample options for patrons to reach the precinct.

Dragging out the timetable to remove cars from the grasslands is a retrograde step that runs contrary to the NSW Government’s own Green Travel Plan.

The announcement has been made with zero consultation with the community.

Extensive national and international research  shows the importance of parks and nature to human wellbeing, both physical and mental.

The population of Green Square, just across the road from Moore Park, is due to reach a density of 22,000 people per square kilometre by 2030, akin to that of Hong Kong.

High quality space for public recreation in this area of central Sydney is drastically needed.


We call on the NSW Government to reconsider and reverse this decision.


Saving Moore Park has advocated since 2015 for the removal of cars off Moore Park. We have 4000+ supporters.

Extensive surveys of our supporters and the wider community confirm overwhelming support for the removal of carparking and the rebuilding of Moore Park into a magnificent green space, in keeping with a first world city such as Sydney.

Moore Park is a park, not a parking lot.

Media: Vivienne Skinner 0411 206 224, Jason Downing 0414 438 582.

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