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Light Rail - An important win

Media Release, 23 December 2016

The CBD and south east light rail saga has been a long and sorry one. However, the community has had a win regarding an electrical substation that Transport for NSW had proposed to construct on the southern end of Moore Park, close to Robertson Road.


Earlier today, Transport for NSW announced that it would build the substation on a site adjacent to the Moore Park Golf Course Depot. The notification, which includes a map of the proposed location, can be viewed at the following link.


In recent months, Saving Moore Park Inc. and the Centennial Park Residents Association have been negotiating with Transport for NSW to achieve this outcome. We have been supported by Clover Moore and Alex Greenwich, and the location has been endorsed by the Centennial Park & Moore Park Trust.


The original proposal was for a substation measuring 28 x 8 x 6 metres on the site of the existing facilities block. Not only would this have been an eyesore but it would have impacted on the community’s use of the Robertson Road fields. As well, servicing activities associated with the substation would potentially have impacted adversely on Robertson Road residents.


As is clear from the map, the new site is greatly superior. It is in an area that is little used by the community, while access will be from Dacey Avenue with no impact on residents. We understand that any tree removal or trimming is unlikely to involve trees of significance and should be minimal. Once completed, the substation will be masked by trees and other appropriate vegetation.


We regard this as a significant win for the community. It shows the benefit of Government working closely with the community to achieve a sensible outcome.




Michael Waterhouse,

Convenor, Saving Moore Park.

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